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VTRONIC is the professional R&D,manufacturer and system sulotion provider, who focus on fresh air, air purifier, ventilation products. The main products Independent R&D for products of fresh air products, air purifier, inline duct fan, HRV, ERV and HEPA fan, selling to Euro, USA, and Australia, Asia etc.Persist in Innovation, Achieving National Qaulity.


VT502 Wall Mounted HEPA Fan

Inline duct fan

  • Unit is set to exhaust for 65 secondsand intake for 65 seconds, working well so far and air seems fresher! Will report on any radon lowering effects after a few more days of use. It’s been running for a week cycling air in/out cycle Radon levels went from 2.3 to 1.4 in a 1500 sq/ft basement, very pleased!
    Joseph conway
  • After 9 months, working well and going strong! I am using this to vent the moisture from a crwal space under my cabin. Crawl space is 30' wide and 50' long. The crawl height varies from 3' to 6' high.
  • EC Duct Fan,Efficient, well made exhaust fan.This fan is smaller than the two previous models, but feels much more powerful than the latter. Construction is top-notch and the speed controller does as advertised. You are able to dial it in perfectly for your respective space. I will only buy TerraBloom in the future .
  • Great product I have the 6'' fan and it really does preform. I have it pulling exhaust in a 3x3 tent inside of a 5’-9’ shed with a 6” air inlet. The T6 pulls air through the sheds 6” air duct, you can feel it. Then into the tents passive vents and out of the tent and shed through ducting. It’s also very easy to use 10/10 would buy again. I will say I have only owned it for a month. but it has a quality feel and look to it.
  • Works well,Pretty Quiet,Worked well for half a year,I installed this fan in a duct that serviced a second floor room where air flow was minimal.That room now receives a strong flow of air from our central a/c and heater for the first time in years. The fan is relatively quiet, but we do hear it a bit on the first floor as the duct is just below the floor joists (on the ceiling of the basement). I also had to purchase and install a separate pressure switch upstream in the duct that detects when the system is running that activates the fan. I believe there are some other models that have the pressure switch built in.
    Tom Johnson