Basic Functions of Ventilation System

Why does the bedroom need the Ventilation system most?
The Standards of Choosing Fresh Air Ventilator

1.The ventilation fan

First of all, the ventilation of the fresh air system is effective and thorough. It makes the pressure difference of indoor air by systemic design of intake air and return air, to make the house forced and seamless ventilate.

In the modern house and building decoration, higher and higher gas tightness makes the harmful gas(like Formaldehyde, benzene, secondhand smoke, bacteria, viruses, carbon dioxide) cannot be exhausted in time. So it makes indoor air quality badly, effecting human health and may cause the lung cancer and leukemia.

Ventilation system exhausts the polluted indoor air to outside via design of air intake and air outlet. At the same time, fresh air enter into the house via the heat exchanger unit and HEPA filter, adjust the indoor humidity and make health and confortable.

2.The ventilation fan HEPA Filteration

Filter layers initial, Medium and HEPA. The customers can choose it depends on area and air quality.

Initial filter layer can filtrate solid particulate in the air like dust, smoke, pollen.

Medium filter has efficient absorptive property as active carbon, filtrate Volatile organic compound formaldehyde, oder etc..

HEPA filter filtrate PM2.5, PM3.0, and samller particulate



3.The ventilation fan heat exchange

Heat exchange is for confortable and energy saving. Fresh air enter indoor, and the polluted air exhausted. The energy is transferred and exchanged during this period. The energy of exhausted air keep in heat exchanger unit, and transfer to the intake fresh air. Heat exchanger make the temperature and humidity balanced, confortable, enviromental protection.