What is the kitchen fresh air system

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Fresh air system is a set of independent air treatment system composed of fresh air ventilator and pipeline accessories. The fresh air ventilator filters and purifies the fresh outdoor air and transports it indoors through the pipeline. The kitchen fresh air system is to install such a ventilator in the kitchen.

The working principle of the kitchen fresh air system is to use special equipment on one side of the kitchen to send fresh air to the room, and then from the other side to the outside by the special equipment, forming a “fresh air flow field” in the kitchen, thereby satisfying the need for fresh air in the kitchen. Need, and exhaust harmful gas outdoors.

What are the benefits of installing a kitchen fresh air system

1. It helps keep the kitchen tidy

There are many pollution sources in the kitchen, and many kitchens are small and tightly ventilated, which makes the kitchen unclean and difficult to clean. After using the kitchen fresh air system, every time after cooking, the kitchen will be well ventilated and will not cause the kitchen to be oily.

2.good ventilation effect

The kitchen fresh air system uses refrigeration to deliver the cold air to the stuffy kitchen to improve people’s comfort in the kitchen environment; and the kitchen fresh air system has simple structure, easy installation, and good cooling effect. It does not take up the kitchen space and delivers freshness to the kitchen. Air conditioning in the kitchen.

3. good for human health

According to a survey by the World Environmental Protection Organization, after 5 minutes of cooking, PM2.5 in the kitchen will soar nearly 20 times. And PM2.5 is produced from the cooking fumes and other gases produced in cooking. PM2.5 can not only “kill” cells, but may also induce lung cancer. To kill PM2.5, a good ventilation effect must be formed in the kitchen. The kitchen fresh air system can achieve good ventilation effect.

Kitchen fresh air system can not only play the role of range hood, but also can be used as kitchen air conditioner. It can discharge harmful gases in the kitchen through fresh air flow, introduce fresh outdoor air, and achieve good ventilation effect, thereby keeping the kitchen tidy and beneficial to human health. It is an essential choice for a perfect kitchen.