Why do I need a fresh air system at home?

Classification of fresh air system filters
Central fresh air system VS wall-mounted fresh air system

Wall-mounted fresh air system:

The outdoor air enters the fresh air blower from the air inlet, passes through the primary filter, high efficiency filter, and activated carbon filter, and then enters the room after being purified; in this way, a slight positive pressure is formed in the room, and the dirty air in the room is squeezed into the house. The negative pressure area (kitchen, bathroom) is exhausted to the outside through the natural exhaust vents in each residence.

When it is not possible to open windows for ventilation in the cold winter, you can ventilate for 24 hours.

In the case of not opening the window, the filtered fresh air is forced into the outside.
Efficiently prevent haze and remove haze to prevent haze from endangering family health
Removal of indoor formaldehyde through ventilation.

Prevent outdoor odors from entering, and discharge indoor musty, oily smoke and other odors.

Eliminate indoor bacteria and viruses: The indoor environment is clean and sanitary, and bacteria and viruses have nowhere to hide.

Avoid air-conditioning and heating problems: ventilation can be done without opening the window, and the room is always fresh and oxygen-rich.

Avoid mildew on furniture and clothing: Keep air circulation indoors so that excess moisture can evaporate and drain, keeping it dry and comfortable.