Central fresh air system VS wall-mounted fresh air system

Why do I need a fresh air system at home?
Key points of fresh air system design

Many consumers have this question when purchasing a fresh air system; which one is better to choose a central fresh air system or a wall-mounted fresh air system? In order to correctly determine which type do you need at home?

1、Each room needs a wall-mounted fresh air blower, while the central fresh air system only needs to install one host. However, the installation of the central fresh air system is more complicated, and ventilation ducts must be arranged in each room. Therefore, the renovated house can only install wall-mounted fresh air fans.

2、If your home is relatively small, a wall-mounted fresh air system is a more reasonable choice. And if the apartment is relatively large, such as three bedrooms and one living room, and you haven’t started to decorate, then the central fresh air system is just right for you.

3、Once the central fresh air system is turned on, it will send fresh air into each room, and the wall-mounted fresh air system can be used independently in each room. So if you are often occupied in every room, you can choose to install a central fresh air system, and if there are rooms without people for a long time, wall-mounted fresh air fans are more suitable.

4、The central fresh air system generally does not have the electric auxiliary heating function, because the air volume is large, and the electric auxiliary heating effect is not obvious. The wall-mounted fresh air system can maintain a constant air supply temperature. Therefore, if you live in a place where the outdoor temperature is very cold in winter, you’d better choose a wall-mounted machine with intelligent heating function, and the central fresh air blower with heat exchange in South China will make you more comfortable.

5、It is very troublesome to install the central fresh air system, but it also has advantages: the host and pipes can all be hidden under the ceiling, and finally no equipment can be seen indoors. The wall-mounted fresh air system is small in size, does not take up space indoors, and the appearance is more beautiful, but if you don’t want to have any equipment on the wall, then the central fresh air system is just right for you.

6、Finally, I want to remind you that no matter what kind of home fresh air system you choose, the most important thing is to let your family have enough oxygen-rich fresh air in each room. Exhaust the dirty air. Please protect your home environment and maintain a healthy life! Choose vtronic Fresh Air System.