The Working Principle And Advantages of Wall Mounted Ventilator

The Standards of Choosing Fresh Air Ventilator
The Advantage And Disadvantage of Wall Mounted Fresh Air Ventilator

The main function of the VT260 wall-mounted fresh air ventilator is the air supply function. Under the action of the powerful motor, fresh air can be continuously sent into the room to meet the indoor ventilation and ventilation requirements. VTRONIC VT260 wall-mounted ventilator are also equipped with an exhaust function. This machine is called a two-way flow fresh air system, which can simultaneously supply air and exhaust air in a single room. The one-way flow fresh air system utilizes the principle of positive pressure: by continuously feeding clean fresh air, a micro-positive pressure state is formed in the room, and the indoor polluted air is squeezed outside. The unidirectional flow and the two-way flow principle each have their own advantages, but the one-way flow wall-mounted fresh air system belongs to the mainstream fresh air product.



The VTONIC VT260 wall-mounted ventilator will filter the harmful substances such as PM2.5, automobile exhaust, pollen and dust in the air under the action of the multi-layer filter to ensure the air quality delivered into the room. The principle of the new fan to emit carbon dioxide and formaldehyde is to continuously send the clean outside air, squeeze the indoor dirty air into the negative pressure zone (toilet and kitchen), and discharge it outside through the exhaust vent to form a good air circulation. surroundings.

2. Advantages of Wall Mounted Ventilator

Among all the classifications of fresh air systems, VTRONIC series wall-mounted ventilator have recently become more popular because of their obvious advantages.

Easy to install. There is no need to lay pipes. It can be installed before and after renovation, and will not destroy the original decoration style. Easy to install, just install a vent and several screw holes in the outer wall to complete the installation.

More flexibility. Can meet different people, different places, different needs for new air volume. In the living room, bedroom or study room, the demand for fresh air volume is different because of the different size and number of people. Since the wall-mounted ventilator is an independent body in each place, different fresh air volume can be set according to different fresh air volume requirements.



More features. Older people, children, and adults have different temperature requirements. If the wall-mounted ventilator has a heating exchanger function, an outlet temperature can be set in the cold winter, and the device balanced the temperature and humidity according to the outdoor temperature. The tuyere temperature is kept constant.

Easy to operate. Wall-mounted ventilator have a variety of modern methods of operation, from the control panel on the machine to the remote control to the mobile app.

Take up less space indoors. No need for ceilings, no need to lay and hide pipes, no space on the floor.

The appearance looks good. The VTRONIC series wall-mounted ventilator is a beautiful home appliance that people want to have, and it has a grade at home.