The Advantage And Disadvantage of Wall Mounted Fresh Air Ventilator

The Working Principle And Advantages of Wall Mounted Ventilator
How does the ventilation fan filter improve indoor air?

The wall-mounted fresh air ventilator is an air purification device for the housing after renova-tion. Do you know what the advantages and disadvantages of the air purifier are? Come and- see.


Wall Mounted Fresh Air Ventilator


Advantages of Wall Mounted Fresh Air Ventilator

1. Easy installation, and the renovated house can also be installed. The wall-mounted fre-sh air ventilator requires only one vent to be easily installed. This vent does not have to be on the wall or it can be opened on the window.

2. The body is small, does not affect the decoration. The wall-mounted fresh air ventila-tor is generally small, does not occupy too much area, can be integrated with the decoration style, and even plays the finishing touch.

3. Better price. The price of the wall-mounted fresh air ventilator is relatively low, generally around 3000-6000 yuan, and VTRONIC VT502 HEPA fan has even achieved less than 2000. But if you pay for a penny, you have a valuable reason.

4. Easy maintenance in the later stage. The removal of the casing is simple, and the repla-cement of the filter is convenient, and the user can DIY.


Wall Mounted Fresh Air Ventilator


Disadvantage of Wall Mounted Fresh Air Ventilator

1. The applicable area is small. Because the air volume is generally small, it is not suitable for large-area units, and is generally only suitable for a single room. After all, it can’t do the sa-me as the central fresh air through the pipeline to provide a reasonable air supply, even if the air volume is bigger, sleep at night is closed or closed?

2. There is no heat exchange. Most of the wall-mounted fresh air ventilator are unidirec-tional flow of fresh air. The air is used to create a slight positive pressure in the room, and the dirty air is discharged from the gaps such as door seams and window slits. However, winter and summer are more painful. In order to ensure the indoor temperature, the load of the air conditioner is greatly increased, and the power consumption is increased. The wall-mounted fresh air system using electric auxiliary heat, although controlling the temperature of the air supply, also greatly increases the power consumption.


Wall Mounted Fresh Air Ventilator


While VTRONIC wall mounted fresh air ventilator has the Ceramic Heat Exchanger, the heating exchanger rate reach 90%. It can keep the balance of the temperature and humidity indoor and save much energy.