How does the ventilation fan filter improve indoor air?

The Advantage And Disadvantage of Wall Mounted Fresh Air Ventilator
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In recent decades as the rapid development of industrialization, it has caused air pollution and becoming more and more serious. For the health of the family, more and more people are using the Fresh Air Purifier to improve the indoor air quality.

As we all know, the high-qualitypurifier fan can continuously remove indoor turbid air and deliver clean&fresh air to the indoors, avoiding the human body from the malignant erosion of various pathogenic flue gases, exhaust gas and factory exhaust gas. The function of the filters is indispensable. It is a barrier to avoid the intrusion of dirty air and dust into the room. It is a necessary passage to deliver fresh air to people. However, people tend to ignore the problem. After the fresh air system is installed, there is no worries. Is this really true?

If the fresh air purifier’s filters are not replaced in time, it may become a source of indoor pollution and form secondary air pollution. Therefore, we must clean and replace the filters of HEPA fan in time. According to our HVAC engineers’ suggestion, the fresh air filter usually needs to be cleaned and replaced every 4 to 6 months. When the air quality is not good, it is recommended to increase the frequency of replacing the filter.

The picture below shows a comparison of a brand new filter (first left) and a replaced old filter:


These conditions occur when you do not change the filter of ventilation fan for a long time:



1. The volume of air is getting smaller

Some users have noticed that the air volume of the air outlet has become smaller after using the purifier fan for a period of time. Even if it is driven to the maximum gear, the air volume is obviously insufficient. It is often thought that there is a problem with the fan or power of the machine. After investigation, it was found that the dust holding capacity of the filter has far exceeded the standard value, and this is a common cause of the air volume becoming smaller. This phenomenon is not difficult to understand, dust is too much, the permeability of the filter will be worse, the resistance of the new wind through the filter is also relatively large, resulting in the loss of air volume, the air volume of the natural air outlet will be much smaller than the original. Therefore, if the filter is not replaced in time, it is very likely that the air volume will become smaller, which also affects the use effect of the fresh air.

2. Reduced purification efficiency

At present, the high-efficiency filter of the fresh air system has a maximum level of H13 and a purification efficiency of up to 99.95%. However, the purification efficiency is proportional to the service life of the filter. If the filter is not replaced for a long time, the purification efficiency will be reduced. Some clients will feedback to the manufacturer, the air quality will be measured later, the indoor purification efficiency will be lower and lower, and the air will not be fresh and comfortable in the early stage. This is usually caused by the filter being replaced for too long because each filter has the amount of dust and particles it contains. It cannot be used indefinitely. The coverage of the ultra-filter is not complete, and the dust is not completely cleaned. Will enter the room and breathe into the body. The fresh air fan is installed to bring fresh air. Don’t ignore the small details of the filter, which affects the original intention of using the fresh air fan.

3. Increased noise

If the filter is not changed for a long time, it will cause noise increase, especially when the purifier fan is installed in a quiet place such as a bedroom or a study room. As mentioned above, if there is too much dust in the filter, the wind resistance will be larger. The greater the resistance, the more naturally the noise will increase. Therefore, when it is found that the sound of the purifier fan working is louder than usual, you can check whether the filter is too dusty, and try to replace the filter to see if the situation has improved.

Filter of the ventilation fans are disposable and surely it will cost extra money as well. So how to improve indoor air quality at the minimum cost?



VT-501 purifier fan comes with 3 filters, initial sponge filter,carbon filter and high-efficiency HEPA filter (H1l level). Triple filters will extend the HEPA lifetime.You may just replace the sponge filter or you can blow the carbon filter in a period.

Energy-saving and ultra-quiet, Max power 30W EC reversible motor to intake fresh air or exhaust indoor air as your wish via a tiny remote control.

Enjoy fresh air, enjoy our ventilation fan.