How to solve the noise problem of fresh air system?

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How does the inline duct fan work?

Shenzhen Vtronic ventilation fan is best choice,which is the fresh air system in solving the noise!

1, Installation location of the ventilation fan is important
The power engine for the air exchange of indoor and outdoor is the purifier’s motor.The fresh air purifier/ventilator has a built-in fan motor, which drives the air through the fan to rotate, and then forms an airflow. The fresh air purifier motor working noise is the main noise source. The rotating sound of the fan motor is superimposed with the airflow sound, which will generate certain noise. In order not to affect the normal working activities of indoor personnel, the fresh air purifier/ventilator should be installed away from the work area, such as the ceiling of the storage room, bathroom, which can effectively reduce the noise.


2, The ventilation fan using the plenum chamber.
The fresh air system should be reasonably selected for the separation of the plenum chamber, and the advantages of installing the fresh air special static air pressure box:

1) Reduce dynamic pressure, increase static pressure, stabilize airflow and reduce airflow vibration. The air volume is evenly distributed.

2) The divided air static plenum chamber has a special air duct design, which can evenly reduce the air volume of the air outlet and can reduce the noise of the air outlet.

3) According to the area of different areas, the air volume adjustment is carried out through the air distribution box of the air distribution box to ensure that the wind speed of the air outlet is not too large.

3, the ventilation fan using the silencer tube.



For equipment with high power, big size and high static pressure, it can be considered to be equipped with a new wind-specific silencer tube during installation. The muffler tube is made of metal, PVC, etc., and is mostly composed of a multi-layer structure. There is a sound-absorbing material inside the silencing tube, which can reduce the noise of the main pipeline of the equipment, and will not pass the pipeline to the end tuyere.

4, The pipeline is connected with the ventilation fan


When the fresh air system works, it will generate a certain vibration, and the vibration will also cause a certain noise. If the vibration of the fresh air purifier is transmitted to the pipeline and the pipeline is vibrated, it will easily generate noise. In order to avoid the vibration of the pipeline, the rigid pipe cannot be directly connected. The connection between fresh air purifier and the pipeline should be connected by a hose, which can buffer the influence of the vibration of the fresh air unit on the pipeline.