How does the inline duct fan work?

How to solve the noise problem of fresh air system?
Advantages and installation features of silent inline duct fan

Air pollution is a particularly serious problem. How to improve the air environment, especially the indoor air environ-ment, introducing fresh air and purifying indoor air are two ideal ways. Inline duct fans are now used in many fresh air systems.

The pipeline fan, that is, the inline duct fan, uses high-speed rotation to apply pressure to the gas to achieve the fun-ction of conveying gas. Inline duct fans are commonly used in industry, real estate buildings, indoor ventilation or pipe pressurization.



The main installation in the house is for the kitchen and the bathroom. The temperature in the kitchen is high and the oil is high. At this time, we need a duct exhaust fan to remove the indoor air and absorb the fresh air to make the air flow. This is the specific working principle of the pipeline exhaust fan. It means that the odor in the pipeline we use has other tastes and is constantly updated to not affect the quality of the air. Therefore, the duct exhaust fan is very important in our life.

When the pipeline exhaust fan is running, the kitchen, bathroom or the most polluted air in the room is discharged to the outside. The duct exhaust fan introduces the outside wind into the indoor and living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and other places where fresh air is most needed. The indoor and outdoor convection forms a better ventilation and ventilation effect. The system of the pipeline fan is high, the technology is excellent, the machine body is reliable, the effect is good, the anti-noise effect is provided, and the sound insulation, the ventilation is timely and stable.

The types of inline duct fans are round duct fans and square the inline duct fans.The circular duct fan, as its name suggests, has a cylindrical casing. It is an ideal ventilator that combines performance and appearance; it is easy to install, light in weight and low in noise.

The circular inline duct fan is installed indoors and is a pipe exhaust fan that combines function and shape. It is not only cleverly structured, but also simple to install and light in weight. And the noise is very low, it can supply air, exhaust air, return air purification treatment, provide source power, and the function is very complete.


inline duct fan


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After the pipeline exhaust fan is used for a period of time, the filter screen is easily contaminated with a large amount of dust, which will affect the air volume and effect, so it is best to clean it once every two months. When cleaning, remember to turn off the power, loosen the screws, and remove the rear cover. Pull out the connector, take the filter and the back cover together, soak it in a milder washing product, then take it out after a quarter of an hour, dry it and reinstall it.

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