Advantages and installation features of silent inline duct fan

How does the inline duct fan work?
Are you still cleaning your ventilation duct?

The Vtronic Silent Pipe Fan is a versatile product that provides fresh air for indoor spaces as well as dirty air for indoors. The indoor air supply is continuously supplied, the indoor oxygen content is increased, and the indoor air formaldehyde content is diluted. It is often used in the bathroom to deodorize and remove the sultry and floating objects in the room.


inline duct fan


This silent inline duct fan is based on the original GDF pipe centrifugal wind chassis, deep technical innovation, maintaining the original large air volume, greatly reducing the noise to 25dB, and further reducing the volume and energy efficiency. The products are widely used in need. High-rise office buildings, high-end hotels, high-end shopping centers and other places in a quiet environment. Suitable for homes, offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants, libraries, shopping malls, bars, hotels and other places.


inline duct fan

Vtronic ventilation fan Six major technological innovations, ultra-low mute, high efficiency and energy saving:

1Using Japanese NMB bearing, the service life is more than 50,000 hours. Operating ambient temperature range: -20 °C -60 °C.

2 fluid dynamics research and technology results of fan blades, high wind pressure, high air volume, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise.

3 Built-in static silencer cotton high-efficiency silencer hole, effective silencer damping and noise reduction can design humanized functions such as delay stop, temperature and humidity induction.

4 unique buckle design, easy to disassemble, tightly sealed, easy to install and maintain.

5 double pipe diameter interface, sealed and leakproof, protection against shock; protection grade IP44, effective waterproof and dustproof.

6Adopt environmentally friendly materials, light weight strength, double insulation; built-in check valve, anti-return air insufflation, insect-proof mosquitoes.


inline duct fan

Based on the above-mentioned silent inline duct fan, what are the installation requirements?

In some large high-end venues, such as high-end office buildings or high-end hotels, we can see the silent inline duct fan, which was developed on the original technology, so although it retains its original advantages, it also forms The advantages of small size, low noise and high performance.

1. The natural vibration frequency of the basic device shall not be greater than 1/3 of the motor and fan speed; the difference between the vibration speed of the fan and the vibration speed of the fan at rest shall be more than 3 times.

2. The connection between the inlet and outlet of the ventilator and the air duct shall be provided with a flexible joint. The inlet duct, the outlet duct and other devices shall be supported separately and supported by the foundation or other members of the building. The casing shall not bear the weight of other parts.

3. When the ventilator is installed on the building components, vibration isolation measures should be taken.

4. Fan installation can be carried out with reference to the following national architectural standard design atlas.

5. The pipeline fan can be installed on the straight air duct, which has the advantages of convenient connection and small space occupation.



The silent inline duct fan is now designed with ultra-light and ultra-thin design. Therefore, during the installation process, the silent exhaust fan is generally placed in the suspended ceiling, which not only does not occupy the space and area of the room, but also does not affect the indoor The effect of the decoration, the most worth mentioning is that the silent duct fan truly achieves a perfect mute effect, and also directly integrates the technology of the duct silencer into this device.