How to choose three types of fresh air system
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Ventilation system is an independent air solution system, organized by air exhaust and air inlet, which can divide into “pipe type ventilation ” and “Without pipe ventilation”.

Pipe type ventilation system is suitable for industrial or large-area office use due to the large amount of engineering, and the without pipe ventilation is more suitable for home, it’s easy installation.



Advantages Of Wall-Mounted Ventilation
Can be installed before decoration or after decoration, no need a complex duct project.

No only continue a air ventilation, but also has a antiseptic, dehumidified and aerated function.

1. Enjoy the fresh air of nature without opening the window

2. Avoid “ air-condition” disease

3. Avoid mildew of indoor furniture and clothing

4. Remove harmful gases that have been released slowly for a long time after indoor decoration, which is good for human health

5. Recover indoor temperature and humidity to save heating or cooling cost

6. Effectively eliminate all kinds of bacteria and viruses in the room

7. Reduce indoor carbon dioxide concentration

8. Ultra-quiet

9. Dustproof


Wall-Mounted Ventilation System For The Crowd
1. People with coryza, asthma and allergies

2. People are allergic to pollen

3. Old man

4. Children

5. Gravida

Vtronic Wall-Mouted Ventilation System VT260 & VT200
Vtronic wall-mounted ventilation system is added air purification, air sterilization, air purification functions etc. With a nice shape, perfect for home, school and office.