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VT501 Wall Mounted HRV Working Modes
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In summer, people long for cool, in winter it’s the opposite.

Therefore, people will keep the air conditioners or heating machine working all the day to dissipate heat or cool. But the expensive electricity bills will be come to you hand.

However, whether it is winter or summer, closing the window and turning on air conditioning or heating will not only consume energy costs, but also cause some harm to the human body.

So do you want to save energy and moeny & healthy ventilation in summer and winter?

Try to use the VTRONIC VT501 wall mounted HRV.

Working Principle of Heat Recovery Ventilator VT501

VT501 is a fan with a time interval of 65 seconds, alternating forward and reverse, to achieve the alternate supply and exhaust of air; at the same time, the ceramic body installed in the air duct repeatedly accumulates the passing air Heat releases heat to realize air heat exchange function.

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VTRONIC VT501 wall mounted HRV


Tips about the Heat Recovery Ventilator(HRV):
Don’t Send Conditioned Air Out the Window
Heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) introduce fresh air into the home without losing the conditioning of the inside air, reducing heating and cooling costs. They use a heat exchanger to transfer heat from the warm inside exhaust air to the fresh, but cold, outside supply air (or vice versa in the summer). HRVs can be added to an existing HVAC system or built into a new one.


VTRONIC VT501 wall mounted HRV


Ventilation Without Heat Loss
HRVs are especially useful in homes that have been highly insulated and air sealed. Proper ventilation is important to prevent buildup of indoor allergens and moisture, which can lead to mold. HRVs provide that ventilation without wasting the energy already used to heat or cool the air in your home.