How to Clean And Maintain Garbage Disposal?

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The importance of garbage disposer

1. Daily Simple Clean
When turning off the power, simply clean the large pieces of garbage that are visible to the naked eye, and check whether there are metal substances in the garbage disposal device (such as rings, you know…) If there are, Take it out carefully. It is recommended to use a long clip to carefully remove it. You need to use a flashlight to look at it and handle it carefully to avoid damage to the processor’s grinder.

Then rinse with hot water and turn on the garbage processor. A small amount or small pieces of food waste can basically be broken up and rinsed with hot water into the drain.

It is recommended to use hot water instead of cold water, because hot water can dissolve oily grease in the sewer, so that it can be washed away.

I personally like to plug the water tank first to accumulate 1/3 of the water in the tank (hot water or warm water), add some dishwashing liquid to stir and dissolve. Sewer pipe, so the cleaning effort is good.

Food Waste Disposer


2. Weekly Deep Cleaning
Ordinary daily cleaning is a simple type of cleaning. Every week or every few weeks, use a special garbage disposal to clean the product and then help upgrade the cleaning intensity and deodorize.

For example, this cleaning ball, Plink cleaning ball can decompose fat and food deposit particles, help prevent clogging and provide fresh taste to help deodorize the kitchen. There are many different taste options.

Garbage disposal

Regular use of Lemi Shine Machine Cleaner will prevent hard water minerals from depositing in electrical appliances. Made from natural lemon extract, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Can be used for multi-functional electrical cleaning agent: Washing machine, dishwasher, disposal and other appliances.

cleaning agent

3. Remove odor
1. In addition to the plink garbage disposal cleaning ball shared above, which can help clean and remove odors, you can also use orange peel to deodorize daily.

2. Clean orange peel.

The way to clean the garbage disposal and kitchen smell in a natural and fresh way is to grind some orange peel. Any citrus fruits are possible, such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits, limes, etc. The citric acid in these peels can clean the blades and

3. Bleaching agent.

[Usage] Dilute the bleach with a large amount of water, then slowly pour it into your garbage disposal and stay for 1 to 2 minutes, then rinse with hot water, flush the bleach into the sewer pipe and discharge

4. White vinegar + baking soda.

I believe that many housewives will use white vinegar and soda/powder for kitchen cleaning. It can also be used for garbage disposal cleaning.

5. Coke.

This is the method of online transmission. The principle is the same as that of soda water. Of course, it is not worth buying it for cleaning. If there is just left, you can throw it away. (For example, guests or children at home do not need to drink.)

4. Daily Maintenance
No matter how easy-to-use products need to pay attention to care and maintenance, pay more attention to life, just a few more steps can help extend the life of the machine.


1. Cut the remaining ingredients into small pieces and throw them into the sink.

2. Avoid non-decomposable fibrous materials, such as corn whiskers, etc., which can entangle the machine.

3. Avoid swellable objects. Swell in water will block the sewer pipe.

4. Avoid grease as much as possible. Accumulated grease solidifies in cold water, it will block up for a long time and is not easy to clean.