How to choose, PVC,PE or Ductless

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Fresh air system your designing is more important than your devices. Fresh air equipment is highly dependent on design and construction. The same set of equipment, different construction methods and details make a big difference in the difference between “Flow Rate”, “Noise”, “Secondary Pollution”, “Maintenance and Repair”, and “Impact on Buildings”.

At present, the two mainstream fresh air installation methods in market are PVC pipe installation and PE pipe installation.


PVC Ducting System

The design drawing of the PVC system, using three-way branch road when passing through each room through the main hard pipe

The PVC ducting system is in a branched layout and has a “tandem” structure. One main line for sending (returning) air goes out. Each room is branched by a tee to send (returning) air. The whole process is hard pipe, and materials are mostly used PVC (mainly used as sewer network). PVC flat pipe (special new air pipe) for ground supply, socket type structure.


1,More mature construction ideas, more skilled masters and lower construction difficulty

2, PVC pipe is cheap and the cost is the lowest for its material.

3, Although the size of punching is slightly larger, the total number is smaller.


1, The air volume is small. The “tandem” structure is powered by dynamic pressure, with multiple strokes and long distances, large wind resistance, high noise, and low wind rate. It can only reach 40% to 60% of the machine’s air volume, and the rest of the air volume is lost. At the same time, it will cause bigger wind noise.

2: Secondary pollution due to glue connection is inevitable, and there are many elbow tees, which cannot be cleaned. After long-term use of the new fan, it is inevitable to pass a small amount of impurities through the filter element and the filter element socket and accumulate in the air supply pipe And there is no antibacterial and antistatic function, easy to form secondary pollution, there is no effective solution.

3, Air distribution is bad. The farthest air outlet is generally in the master bedroom, and the air volume is generally very small, which is quite different from the air velocity of the near-end air inlet and the air outlet is likely to cause noise.



The fresh air system has been dominated by PVC ducting for so many years, and has made its own contribution to guiding everyone to pay attention to air quality, and it has been one of the mainstream ways of fresh air design and installation for some time.

However, with the development of technology, the pipeline materials and design and installation schemes specifically for the fresh air system are becoming more and more mature and amazing. To provide the industry and customers with more reasonable schemes,We has upgraded the PE scheme and construction to match the technology and equipment. Here is a brief introduction to PE ducting system.



PE ducting system

The PE ducting system has a star-shaped layout of the return air ducts of the sub-air box, and the parallel structure. Each room is composed of an independent return air duct, a double-wall hollow structure, naturally curved, and a full pipe without a socket structure at the end of the return air end.


1, Large air volume. Special pipeline specially developed for fresh air, “parallel” structure, air supply by static pressure, smooth inner wall, small wind resistance, large wind volume, and wind rate can reach about 90%

2, Socket installation, no hidden danger of secondary pollution. There is a tube-to-bottom structure from the air outlet at the end to the sub-air box, the whole hose, no three-way socket, can repeatedly clean the inside of the pipe

3, Applicable to sub-air box, air volume adjustment valve, etc., the air volume is evenly adjustable.

4, Socket-type link, one tube to the end, more convenient installation




1, PE costs more than PVC.

2, The punching diameter is small, but the number is large. Another article details the structural characteristics and stress requirements of frame beams, shear walls and infill walls. There are strict drilling specifications and requirements in different situations. Small holes are less harmful to beams than large holes, and the limit value cannot be exceeded for safety.


Comparison of actual installation cases

The PVC pipe has a low wind rate, only about 50%, the system resistance is large, and the wind resistance becomes wind noise, so there is no sound and no wind. And it is easy to cause secondary pollution, which cannot be cleaned later. What kind of fresh air team fooled you that this method is good, but he is stupid or bad. You can ask him the above questions and let him answer them.

The PE system has a high wind rate, the system resistance is small, there is no noise, and each pipe is independent. The material is extremely environmentally friendly and there is no possibility of secondary pollution. One tube can be cleaned inside. Of course, not all PE pipes can be antibacterial and antistatic. When choosing, be sure to choose a reliable brand.

The ductless air system,stable air flow,no worry about air distributions and easy to clean,maintain but need to drill a hole through the wall.And you may need more units for a big house.