Ventilation in the Nursery

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Breathing with fresh air is a key condition for the harmonious development of children. All doctors advise walking with children on the street every day and regularly ventilate the house. The small organism is extremely sensitive to changes in the microclimate of the room: temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and oxygen levels. Look, it only takes a few hours for the baby to be indoors without ventilation, their mood worsens, activity decreases, concentration and attention are lost. On the other hand, leaving the child’s window open all day significantly increases the risk of colds.



The best solution nowadays is controlled air exchange using mechanical ventilation. Ventilation and heat recovery ventilation systems are the most popular option, which not only provides high-quality air exchange but also conserves energy resources of the dwelling. Vtronic HRVs with heat exchanger have proven to be reliable equipment that harmonizes the microclimate and ensures the energy efficiency of buildings.

An important aspect of baby room ventilation is safety issues. In this sense, the inflow and extraction in the Vtronic VT200 are through HEPA,Carbon filters and UV light, which ensures high air quality in the room.



Children are often allergic. During the flowering period, outdoor walks, like open windows, pose a serious threat to toddlers, especially with a tendency to allergies and asthma. Close all windows and block out fresh air is not the way out. In such cases, forced child ventilation is simply required! Vtronic HRV are optionally equipped with fine air purifying filters that trap dust, pollen and plant spores. The baby should breathe fresh air, regardless of the weather outside the window!

Whatever ventilation you choose, we advise you to get a consultation and project advice from specialists. Designers consider a number of non-user-friendly aspects:

Taking into account all the related factors, the designer will be able to offer the optimal recommended installation locations, calculate the air exchange of rooms, help you choose the required number and type of equipment.