Classroom Fresh Air System

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Energy Recovery Ventilation vs. Heat Recovery Ventilation

Children spend much of their time in schools; it is the indoor environment where they spend most of their time besides in their home. It is therefore important that schools have a good indoor air quality (IAQ). Classroom ventilation was already recognised as an important determinant of indoor air quality in the beginning of the 20th century ; however, even recent studies showed that classroom ventilation rates do not meet building standards. Two studies performed in The Netherlands in 2007 showed that more than 80% of the schools exceeded CO2 levels of 1200 parts per million (ppm) during classroom occupation, which in The Netherlands is the advised maximum CO2 concentration for classrooms.



In 2019, VTRONIC help Thailand customers provide the solution for the classroom by VT501 wall mounted HRV:

Wirelress control sync 4pcs VT501 in one classroom,

Every 65s reverse the direction automatically.

H11 HEPA fitler and ceramic heat exchange unit(90% exchange rate)



4 working modes: exhuast air, supply air, recycle mode, and auto mode(pre-setting).

VTRONIC wall mounted HRV helps bring in fresh air and exhuast the stale air, to keep the balance of temperature and humidity of classroom. Improve the indoor air quality and save energy.