VT720 Garbage Disposal Review, and see what they say!

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VTRONIC VT720 Garbage Disposal Review, and see what they say!


Recently, many readers have asked the related questions about the garbage disposer, and the most asked is whether it is necessary to buy the garbage disposer? Can it really improve the quality of life?

Regarding this issue, the editor’s personal right to speak is not counted. Let’s take a look at the opinions of consumers who install and use garbage disposers at home.

What is the biggest feeling after using the VTRONIC VT720 garbage disposer?

Experiencer Ms Lemna:

The biggest feeling is that it’s convenient and worry-free, you don’t need to dump wet garbage, and the kitchen at home is much cleaner.

I bought a garbage disposer of another brand two years ago, but I didn’t feel good about using it at the time. I kept the machine stuck and the noise was loud, and the garbage disposal was not so good at that time. I blocked the sewer several times. I called the customer service for repairs several times. I was really annoying and stopped it. This time I used it again because our community started garbage sorting. I wanted to buy another one for use. This time I chose the VTRONIC brand. Yes, to be honest, the product quality now is much better than before,

This machine is not stuck and has low noise. The power of the VT720 is very large. Basically any garbage can be processed. The garbage disposal is also very good. There has been no clogging of the sewer, and you will find it after a few months. electrical.



What do you think is the difference between VT720 compared to other waste processors you have used?

Experiencer toyama:

First of all, the appearance is relatively high, and there are many colors of the product. I can choose the color I like, and the capacity is also large, with 1.4L. Our family is relatively large, there are 7 people. This is just enough to satisfy the kitchen produced by our family. The demand for waste disposal. And the speed of garbage disposal is also very fast. The power and volume of this product should be the highest one I know currently on the market, so I chose this one. You didn’t choose the wrong one, it really works well.



What convenience has been brought to your life after using VTRONIC VT720?

Experiencer Luo Jiaqi

It’s much more convenient! Since our family has used a garbage disposer, it saves a lot of things when we cook. We don’t think about where to throw out the trash, and we don’t have to think about where to put leftovers after eating. Just pour the sink into pieces and wash them away. No cockroaches and mosquitoes can be seen now. The kitchen can really be so clean, which directly improves the quality of life at home. Moreover, we are going to start garbage sorting here. What should we do if we are still having a headache? Well, not to mention the reduction in the number of times to throw out the garbage, the garbage at home basically does not need to be sorted, which is much easier.

The experiencer Charms The Blue Heart:

Let’s not talk about the other benefits of using a waste disposer. I personally think that the garbage disposer is the first choice for kitchen appliances. Because it is very troublesome to dispose of kitchen waste, especially now that our country’s waste sorting system is not perfect, waste in many places cannot be sorted. With a waste disposer, it can reduce the pollution of kitchen waste to recyclables, increase the resource recovery rate, and improve the processing conditions of landfills and incineration plants, and can reduce the pollution of biogas and incineration of our planet. It can be said that this is the most important reason why I use a garbage disposer!



Summary: Why use a kitchen waste disposer?

  1. For the family

①Trash classification, one less classification, easy to solve tricky wet garbage;

②Avoid the possibility of smelly kitchen garbage, breeding cockroaches and bacteria;

③ Make cleaning kitchen garbage an easy and clean job.

  1. For the waste management department and environmental resources

①Reduce the secondary pollution during garbage collection and transportation; reduce the difficulty and cost of collection and transportation;

②Improve garbage disposal conditions, effectively reduce garbage output and pollutant discharge;

③Reduce the pollution of recyclables from food waste and increase the resource recovery rate.