Why do bedroom need fresh air most?

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Introducing the fresh air fan

Because people need fresh air most during sleep. Some data show that people live and work indoors more than 80% of the time; while sleeping in the bedroom for up to 8 hours a day, children need more sleep.



The quality of sleep is directly related to the health of the human body and to daily work, study and life. When a person sleeps for 8 hours without consciousness, this is the best time for a person to recover physical strength, eliminate fatigue and recover the body, and it is precisely at this time that oxygen is most needed.



The fresh air system has entered the eyes of the Chinese people because of the air quality. Everyone generally believes that the fresh air system is a product spawned by smog, and studying its history, it is not difficult to find that this is not the case.

The fresh air system originated in Europe. As early as the 1950s, low noise and high static pressure blowers suitable for various places appeared. The blower is the “prototype” of the fresh air system. As the environment emphasized energy conservation at that time, a large number of buildings were designed and constructed with great attention to airtightness, and significant improvements were made in heat insulation, heat preservation, and airtightness. However, it also resulted in a serious shortage of indoor ventilation, resulting in people with weaker physical fitness often appearing Headaches, dry coughs, dry and itchy skin, dizziness, nausea, difficulty concentrating, and sensitivity to smells are called “pathogenic building syndrome”.

It is not that opening windows for ventilation can solve indoor air problems.

To solve the problem of indoor air pollution, opening windows for ventilation is a good way, but once the windows are opened, it may cause the loss of indoor heat and cold energy in summer and winter, and at the same time damage the overall insulation system of the building, and also cause outdoor dust and noise enter the room.



Finally, the residential micro-circulation air replacement system, which is the fresh air system, appeared. Under the premise of not opening the window, the indoor dirty air is continuously discharged in time 24 hours a day, while the outdoor fresh air is introduced and the air volume is effectively controlled. It can be seen that the fresh air system is not a haze-induced product. Even without the influence of haze, the fresh air system will develop rapidly.

And the continuous fresh air into the bedroom is very important for people’s sleep and for the recovery of people’s bodies. Therefore, you can choose to install a VT501wall-mounted fresh air ventilator.



Because the human body produces a large amount of chemical substances during the metabolic process, a total of more than 500 species, of which 149 are discharged from the respiratory tract, such as carbon dioxide and ammonia.

If 5 people are allowed to read in a 10 square meter room with closed doors and windows, after 3 hours of testing, they will find that the carbon dioxide in the room has tripled and ammonia has doubled.



So the longer the closed doors of time, the higher indoor concentrations of carbon dioxide, the person will feel increasingly depressed, nausea.

The ventilator is as important as the air conditioner, and this ERV has a heat exchange core, which is very energy-saving.When the temperature is comfortable, you can turn off the air conditioner when you sleep, but you must turn on the fresh air ventilator.