Introducing the fresh air fan

Why do bedroom need fresh air most?
Does installing a fresh air system take up indoor space?

1.What is a fresh air fan?

The fresh air fan is an effective air purification equipment that can circulate the indoor air. On the one hand, the dirty indoor air is discharged to the outside, and on the other hand, the fresh outdoor air is sterilized, disinfected, and filtered before being input into the room. , Let the room be fresh and clean air all the time.

2.The role of fresh air fan.

  • Ventilation——Continuously replace the air in the room for 24 hours, discharge the polluted air, provide fresh air, and keep the indoor air smooth.
  • Deodorization——Able to quickly discharge odor, and can also absorb harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene produced in newly decorated houses to create a comfortable environment
  • Dust proof——can absorb outdoor dust.

3.The advantages of fresh air fan.

  • Provide fresh air for 24 hours uninterrupted operation, even if the windows are open, you can breathe fresh air to meet people’s health needs.
  • Remove harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, and second-hand smoke in newly decorated houses.
  • Anti-mildew, deodorization-fresh air system can effectively exhaust the humid air to the outdoors, avoiding indoor mold and bacteria. This not only extends the life of the furniture, but also keeps the room dry.
  • The installation is convenient and energy-saving, no need to arrange pipes, does not destroy the style of the decorated house, and reduces the cost.

People often consume a lot of energy costs for cooling or heating in summer or winter, so do you want to experience a new fan that can bring you benefits?

If you want it, it’s time to use this ventilation machine with HRV and HEPA system, and the most important point is that it can not only ventilate but also filter out small particles such as PM2.5 in life.

Try to use VTRONIC fresh air system, They are suitable for families and rooms, small in size and easy to install, and do not damage the house structure that has been renovated.

The first is VT501(Wall mounted HRV)

  1. 24-hour uninterrupted supply to supplement indoor fresh air;
  2. Build-in ceramic heat exchange core and primary filter.
  3. Indoor micro-positive pressure technology.
  4. It has 3 working modes: intake fresh air, exhaust indoor pollution and 65s intake and exhaust air circulation.
  5. The fan body has manual control.



The second is VT502( Wall mounted HEPA fan)

1.RF wireless control, convenient and not complicated;

2.Dual-mode air purification, 24 hours indoors with fresh oxygen-rich air.

3.Square body, suitable for a variety of decoration styles.

4.New opening and closing panel 360 ° air inlet.

5.Build-in primary filter, HEPA filter and activated carbon filter.

(G3 primary filter: can achieve 80% filtering effect for particles above 5um.)

(HEPA filter: HEPA grade H12 can effectively filter 99.9% of PM2.5 harmful substances.)

(Activated carbon: Activated carbon made of coconut shell can

effectively adsorb harmful gases (TVOC), organic gases, malodorous gases

and various gases containing trace heavy metals, and the deodorizing efficiency can reach more than 95%.)





The last one is VT200(Heat Recovery Ventilation)

  1. Build-in total heat exchanger core.
  2. Triple filtration+double sterilization function

(Filtration: initial effect + high efficiency + activated carbon; )

(Sterilization: photocatalyst + ultraviolet)

  1. Can display temperature, humidity & TVOC.



In summary, the fresh air fan can save costs for people and satisfy people’s healthy life.

Its various advantages are deeply loved by people, and more and more people cannot do without it.