Does installing a fresh air system take up indoor space?

Introducing the fresh air fan
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In order to remove indoor air pollution and improve the air quality at home, many families want to install fresh air systems. But they also have some worries. For example, they worry that the machine is too large and will take up a lot of space. Especially for small-sized households, the indoor space is relatively limited. How big is the new fan? Does installing a fresh air system take up indoor space?

First of all, we must know that fresh air systems are divided into different types, mainly central fresh air systems, cabinet fresh air systems, and wall-mounted fresh air systems.

The three types of fresh air equipment have different sizes and different installation methods, so they also have differences in occupying indoor space. We will describe them in turn below.

Central fresh air system

The central fresh air includes the main engine and the air supply/exhaust ducts, which are pipe installation methods. Specifically, there are different methods such as top delivery and top return, top delivery and ground return, and ground delivery and top return. In order to be beautiful, the installation of the central fresh air system needs to hide the host and pipes. Therefore, it must occupy a certain (about tens of centimeters) floor height and space. If the house is not very high, it will become more depressing and difficult to accept.

Central fresh air duct

Cabinet fresh air system

Does the installation of a cabinet-type fresh air system occupy indoor space? The cabinet type fresh air blower is a floor-standing ventilation equipment. The biggest advantage of this type of equipment is: large air volume and good PM2.5 purification effect. The volume and appearance of the cabinet-type fresh air fan are equivalent to a refrigerator or floor-standing air conditioner. It is bulky and not particularly beautiful, and it takes up a lot of space. Ordinary residences seldom install cabinet-type fresh air systems, which are generally common in large residences and large public places.

Wall-mounted fresh air system

The wall-mounted fresh air blower is like a wall-mounted air conditioner. It is hung on the wall. The installation is also very simple. There is no need to lay all kinds of air supply and exhaust ducts. You only need to make a ventilation hole on the wall to turn the machine Hang it up and it’s done. Wall-mounted fresh air fans do not occupy floor height, and generally do not occupy floor space.

How big is the wall-mounted fan? Relatively speaking, the wall-mounted fresh air system is the smallest of the three types, and wall-mounted machines of different brands and models also have great differences in size, ranging from “large” to 970*365*230mm, and also ” “Mini” to only 373*240*220mm, the difference in the size of the occupied indoor space can be imagined.

Wall-mounted fresh air system,vtronic VT502

Fresh fan mini

Although the wall-mounted fresh air blower hanging on the wall will not take up floor space, if the machine is too large, it will not be particularly beautiful, and there may be some obstacles. Therefore, under the premise of meeting the ventilation requirements of the room, the smaller the size of the machine, the better it is.

It is also worth mentioning that the wall-mounted fresh air system is designed for the ventilation of a single room. We should not blindly pursue “large fresh air volume”, because this type of equipment is not the larger the fresh air volume, the better, even if there are several With a hundred fresh air volume, a wall-mounted fresh air blower cannot directly ventilate the whole house. Moreover, the larger the fresh air volume, the larger the volume of the machine. We only need to choose the appropriate fresh air volume according to the size of the room or the number of personnel.

Wall-mounted fresh air system,vtronic VT200s

Fresh air volume

Does installing a fresh air system take up indoor space? Now everyone knows that different types of fresh air equipment take up space differently. You can choose the right machine according to your needs. The fresh air system is an indispensable healthy home appliance for modern homes. It can well improve our living environment and protect the breathing health of our family.