Food Waste Disposer

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When the plates on the table are filled with delicious food, you will feel very happy,right?

Then, do you still feel happy When a pile of plates and food waste are left after eating food?

In our daily lives, we can’t avoid Leftovers after eating every day. In the past, people simply and rudely dumped the garbage in the trash can. Now, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the types of food and the living environment have changed, and the treatment of garbage has become more stringent. Improper handling will produce odor, mosquitoes, cockroaches, etc. will be produced. This makes people wonder how to respond.

You can imagine that you carry kitchen waste downstairs or take an elevator. The fish bones pierced the garbage bag, causing the soup to flow out and the small garbage to fall out, making the surrounding environment “relish”. Then people start talking about you, accusing you of the way you look?

Of course, a lot of people afraid to imagine and do not want to become the head of state polluting the environment, so what should we do?

garbage disposer VT720

Before providing a method, let us solve the following questions:

Q1: What is food waste disposer?

A1:The garbage disposer is one of the essential equipment in the family kitchen. This electrical appliance with a volume similar to a soy milk machine is installed under the kitchen sink and connected to the water outlet of the sink. The waste disposer can handle most food waste, such as small bones, chicken bones, fish heads, fish bones, egg shells, corn cobs, peels and cores, vegetable leaf stems, coffee grounds, nut shells, tea stems, leftovers, etc.

Q2: Does the food waste disposer save energy?

A2: The food waste disposer is very energy-saving, Ordinary households consume an average of one kilowatt per month. Under normal circumstances, the garbage disposal has a service life of 8-15 years and is durable.

Q3: How big is the role of the food waste disposer?

A3.1 For the residents:

①Reduce the odor in the kitchen, especially the cabinets that store trash cans;

②Reduce the possibility of breeding cockroaches and bacteria;

③ Make cleaning and discharging household garbage an easy and clean job;

④ Conducive to maintaining a sanitary environment in the stairwell and residential area.

A3.2 For the sanitation department and property management:

①Improve environmental sanitation operation environment;

② Effectively reduce waste output;

③Reduce secondary pollution during garbage collection and transportation;

④Reduce the difficulty and cost of garbage collection and transportation.

A3.3 For the municipals:

① Increasing the content of perishable organic matter in the sewage is beneficial to the biochemical process of the sewage treatment plant;

②Reduce the number of garbage trucks and the pollution of garbage and sewage dripping on the road.

A3.4 For the environment and resource recovery:

①Reduce the pollution of recyclables from kitchen waste and increase the resource recovery rate;

②Improve the treatment conditions of landfills and incineration plants, and reduce the discharge of pollutants such as leachate, biogas, and flue gas etc.

The summary points are: convenient, energy-saving, and durable.

So in order for everyone to easily solve the kitchen waste problem, try to use VTRONIC food waste disposer,

VTRONIC food waste disposer is divided into 3 models:VT700/VT710/VT720.

Let us get to know VT700 first: 220V/50Hz, 550W,1.2L,it has the function of pressurizing and sweeping water technology.Smart wireless switch.

And then get to know VT710: 220V/50Hz, 650W, 1.4L, Powerful magnetic ring function with pressurized water sweeping technology,Smart wireless switch.

Finally get to know VT720: 220V/50Hz,750W, 1.4L, Powerful magnetic ring function with pressurized water sweeping technology,Smart wireless switch.

They are different between of power, function and exterior;

The common point of them is that a variety of colors can choose, low noise, and long life.

Read so much, You don’t want to buy a food waste disposer to make your life easier and more enjoyable?