The difference between wall mounted hrv and air conditioner

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The difference between wall mounted hrv and air conditioner

When you are interested in fresh air systems and central air-conditioning and start collecting information, you will find many businesses claim that central air-conditioning comes with “fresh air”. Central air-conditioning and fresh air systems are completely different concepts. They solve different problems in the residential environment, one for heating and cooling, and the other for improving indoor air quality. There are both differences and connections between the two.

The “fresh air function” of the central air conditioner is not the main function, its main function is to adjust the temperature.

Difference 1: ventilation efficiency
The basic function of the fresh air system is to ventilate the turbid indoor air, bring in fresh outdoor air, and realize the circulation of indoor and outdoor air.
When the central air conditioner is running, the temperature will stop when the temperature reaches the set value, and the fresh air will stop at this time. Therefore, the fresh air volume of central air-conditioning cannot be controlled. Generally, the indoor and outdoor air exchange rate is less than 20%, which does not meet the residential indoor ventilation standard proposed by the World Health Organization.

Difference 2: power consumption and cost
When the central air conditioner with fresh air is running, all the air entering outside needs to be heated or cooled. At the same time, the indoor air that has reached a comfortable temperature is continuously being discharged. This will cause the air conditioner to consume very high power, which will cause a very large Energy loss. The fresh air system uses a heat exchanger to solve this problem.

Difference 3: purification efficiency
Last but not least, the filters of the fresh air system are carefully designed, and their purification effect is far from comparable to that of the central air-conditioning filter.
The vtronic wall mounted hrv ensures 99.9% purification of PM2.5. The coarse-efficiency filter filters larger particles with an efficiency of 70%; the high-efficiency filter (HEPA) absorbs the remaining fine particles and purifies the air by 99.9%, making the fresh air sent into the room zero pollution.

Summary: The central air conditioner mainly regulates the indoor temperature to protect people from the discomfort caused by the severe cold and heat; the function of the fresh air system is to ventilate and purify, so that people can breathe fresh and clean air, and keep the room comfortable and smooth for 24 hours.