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Inline Duct Fan

Inline duct fan is also called inline duct ventilation fan. It refers to the selection of control parameters according to the physical and chemical characteristics of the gas to be delivered, such as air volume, total pressure, efficiency, noise, motor power, etc., to select fans for different purposes.

The speed control button can be installed on the car body or equipped with a remote control for control.

It has the following characteristics:

1. The selected control parameters of the duct fan are air volume, total pressure, efficiency, noise, motor power, etc.

2. Low noise, low energy consumption, wide range of use.

3. Smooth operation and long service life.

4. Exhaust Installed outside the window of the workshop, generally choose the down vent and exhaust the air to extract the odorous gas;

5. Easy to install, can save people installation time and cost.

6. Small size and small space occupation.

Application scope:

Designed for hydroponics, grow tents, bathroom, kitchen, dryer exhaust and other industrial applications.

Installation points:

The manufacturer will assemble the product before sending it out. People only need a few accessories when installing the inline fan.

For example, the above-mentioned installation in the bathroom, kitchen, hydroponics, etc.

Need to aluminum foil tubes, Round plastic grille, Stainless steel hood, Clamp, Back draft dampers, Y-branch pipe and T-branch and so on.

But this also depends on the installation situation. Sometimes so many accessories are not needed. Simple installation only needs aluminum foil tube and clamp. The clamp is used to fix the connection between the aluminum foil tube and the fan. Fans of different calibers correspond to accessories of different sizes.

“Partner” for duct fans:

There are two products that run with the duct fan, one is the activated carbon filter, and the other is the high efficiency filter box.

Both and the duct fan can be applied to hydroponics through the connection of the aluminum foil tube and the fixing of the clamp.

VTRNOC is ventilation manufacturer, one of the representative products is the duct fan, which has been well received by many customers. They have inline duct fans of different models and sizes,such as:  AC inline fan, RC inline fan, TC inline fan, EC inline fan, DC inline fan, etc. Among them, TC and RC are extended versions of AC. TC has temperature control and speed control. RC has remote controller. The caliber of these inline fan are 4inch (100mm), 6 inch(150mm), 8 inch(200mm) and 10 (250mm) 12 (315mm) inches.

The material of the product is a durable V0 flame-resistant PP plastic casing and an external rotor motor with ball bearing, 100% cooper wire. In addition, the product has a 3-year warranty, and 100% aging testing before shipment. After the test, the quality department will conduct quality inspection and confirm that there is no problem before shipping.

I will not introduce them one by one here. Interested friends can log on to the website: for more information. If you need more information, you can directly contact the above mailbox ( and send an email.

Any inquiry or requirement will get them prompt attention.