Difference Between of VT 501/VT 502/VT200

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Difference Between of VT 501/VT 502/VT200

When I talked about the concept of fresh air blower last time, I mentioned three types of fresh air fans, respectively are VT501, VT502 and VT200.

Many people will question these three models, especially VT501 and VT502, which are very similar in appearance. Most importantly, their filter can be added to each other. VT200 is easier to identify than they, and can be clearly distinguished from the appearance.

Let’s introduce the difference between VT501 and VT502 first. How do we distinguish them?


1.Type: VT501(Wall mounted HRV); VT502( Wall mounted HEPA fan)                     

2. The appearance, their panels are different. VT501 panel cannot be unfolded, and the wind can be discharged from all around. The side of the fuselage has buttons to control the switch, air volume and working mode. VT502 panel can be opened, and the air can be discharged from top to bottom. Without buttons.

3. The accessories, VT501 built-in ceramic exchange core and G3 primary filter; VT502 built-in  HEPA filter, primary filter and activated carbon filter.

4. The function, VT501 is mainly heat recovery ventilation. Because it only has the primary filter , the degree of purification is not as high as that of VT502; VT502 has three filters, so it has a purification function.

Same point:

1.The cycle time in seconds is the intake air or exhaust air every 65 seconds.

2. Both are equipped with wireless controllers, which can  be remotely controlled within the specified range.

3. You can add filter, such as adding HEPA filter to VT501.

4. The installation method is the same, just punch a hole with

 a diameter of 180mm, which will not damage the decorated house.

5. Three working modes, intake air, exhaust air and intake air 65 seconds and exhaust 65 seconds. cycle. repeat.

6. The amount of fresh air specially designed for the bedroom is approximately equal to the amount of fresh air that can satisfy two adults during sleep.

VT200 (Heat Recovery Ventilation)

VT200 can be said to be a combination of VT501 and VT502,

With heat recovery function and air purification function.

It’s bigger and more functional

It can be clearly seen from the picture that it is different from VT501/VT502.

1.The appearance, body size is larger than VT501/VT502, and the panel has functions such as time, humidity, temperature and TVOC.

2.The installation method, Need to punch two holes,and there are two installation methods: horizontal and vertical.

3.With ultraviolet germicidal lamp, total heat exchange, primary filter, HEPA filter and activated carbon filter.

4. Four working modes: intake air, exhaust air, intake air and exhaust air, internal circulation.

6. The matched remote control is also different from VT501 and VT502.

7. Designed specifically for the living room, it can meet the fresh air needs of three to five people in a family.

VT200 the heat recovery function is the same as VT501, and the air purification function is the same as VT502.

All in all, they are low noise, low energy consumption and beneficial to us, do you want to try?