Why does the bedroom need the Ventilation system most?

Basic Functions of Ventilation System

Why do the bedrooms need the fresh air system most? Because people need fresh clean air when they sleep! Especially in a closed room.

Most people spend more than 80% of their time living and working indoors; while staying in the bedroom for more than 8 hours a day, children and older people spend more time in the bedroom. The quality of sleep is directly related to the health of the human body, and it is related to daily work, learning efficiency and quality of life. The daily sleeping time is the best time for people to recover their strength, eliminate fatigue and repair their body, and this requires enough clean fresh oxygen. If we can ensure that the bedroom has continuous fresh air, our body will be healthier, the mood will be better, and the work efficiency will be higher!

When I wake up every morning, open the window or walk out of the house. I feel that the air is extraordinarily fresh and full of energy. Why is this feeling? ? This is because the indoor air is too bad, especially in the bedroom, the doors and windows are closed for more than 7 hours, and there is a lot of carbon dioxide generated by the breathing. The indoor carbon dioxide concentration in the bedroom has been seriously exceeded, and the bedroom has been seriously deprived of oxygen.

The WHO has listed indoor pollution as high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia and obesity in the blacklist of the top ten killers of human health. The best solution for indoor pollution is ventilation, but for the sake of better rest and avoiding outdoor noise and dust damage, we are closing the doors and windows. This requires ventilation in the event that the doors and windows are closed. With the installation of the fresh air system, it is possible to continuously supply fresh air for 24 hours.

The bedroom fresh air system allows your bedroom to enjoy fresh and clean air without opening windows and doors, creating an oxygen-rich safe, healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

Let you and your family sleep peacefully, sleep well, sleep well, sleep healthy!