Zhong Nanshan Appeals to Care About School IAQ

The Corona-2019 epidemic gradually improved, and students returned to the school one after another. In special periods, we need to pay more attention to the indoor […]

Fresh air system can bring you warmth and cool

In summer, people long for cool, in winter it’s the opposite. Therefore, people will keep the air conditioners or heating machine working all the day to […]

VT501 Wall Mounted HRV Working Modes

Wall Mounte Heat Recovery Ventilator Operating Modes The ventilator has three ventilation modes: Natural air supply – the ventilator is used for natural ventilation, the fan […]

The Air Pollution in Southeast Asia

The biggest cause of air pollution in Southeast Asia is that the exhaust emissions of motorcycles and cars exceed the environmental carrying capacity; the second is […]

Analysis of ground air supply and top air supply

Analysis of air supply method 1.1 First, we analyze from the principle of air. Polluted air generally has more particles, carbon dioxide, etc., which means that […]