Central fresh air system VS wall-mounted fresh air system

Many consumers have this question when purchasing a fresh air system; which one is better to choose a central fresh air system or a wall-mounted fresh […]

Why do I need a fresh air system at home?

Wall-mounted fresh air system: The outdoor air enters the fresh air blower from the air inlet, passes through the primary filter, high efficiency filter, and activated […]

Classification of fresh air system filters

Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, fresh air products have become one of the most concerned products of the whole people. People are […]

Fresh air system as an indispensable element of passive house

Passive houses are generally composed of several systems such as high-efficiency heat preservation system, passive energy-saving door and window system, intelligent shading system, high-efficiency fresh air […]

What are the advantages and disadvantages of HRV?

Pros HRVs and ERVs have an obvious appeal: they give you a warm well ventilated home and stop you “emptying your wallet” into the atmosphere every […]