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VTRONIC Wall Mounted HRV--VT200

date:2019-10-8 11:28:02

Functional Performance of Wall Mounted HRV:

Dual flow ventilation, H13 HEPA purification, Wireless remote controller, Total heat exchanger system, filter smog and PM2.5, clean air;

Ventilation Wall Mounted HRV

Applications: residential, indoor, vally, office,school, hotel etc..

Working Principle: The outdoor fresh air is purified and sent into the room, and the indoor dirty air is discharged; the outdoor fresh air and the air-conditioned room exhaust heat exchange through the total heat exchange core, and the outdoor fresh air is pretreated by the exhaust energy.

Ventilation Wall Mounted HRV

Specific desciption Wall Mounted HRV Features:

1.High-end filter material three-layer purification, PM2.5 filtration efficiency of more than 99%; total heat exchange core using advanced air technology high-tech nano-separation membrane, using glue-free environmentally friendly design, namely high-efficiency fiber flame-retardant paper + ABS plastic frame, transparent High moisture rate, good air tightness, tear resistance, aging resistance, moisture and mildew resistance;

Ventilation Wall Mounted HRV

2.EC low voltage brushless motor, long lifetime, low interference, lower noise, high speed, alterable frequency, low consumption.

Ventilation Wall Mounted HRV

3. Wireless remote controller, 4 working modes

4. Easy replace the filters

5. Easy installation, maintain, low cost.

Ventilation fan Description:

The outdoor fresh air and air-conditioned room exhaust heat exchanges through the heat exchange core, and the outdoor air is pretreated by the energy of the exhaust air to achieve the purpose of energy recovery, which not only ensures the fresh air circulation of the indoor air, but also effectively removes the PM2.5 and enables the energy. Get recycled to save energy.

Ventilation Wall Mounted HRV

Ventulation fan VT200 Parameters

Voltage: 110-220VAC,50Hz/60Hz

Power: 9-60W

Airflow: 90m³/h

Noisesleep mode):<30dB

Dimension: L673*W407*H150mm

Weight: 9.2kg

Heat exchaneg rate: 90%

Mode: Fresh air mode+ smart mode+ sleep mode

Function: Display temperature, humidity & Voc & musical function 

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